So that's me defeating my children and the neighborhood kids in monopoly. 

That kinda says everything. ☺

Brief and written by someone else: 

Chris McAlister is the founder of SightShift, a company that helps ambitious people be courageous and kind.

Living in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and three daughters, McAlister spends his free time hanging out combining things. He's particularly fond of three combos: running&sauna, bourbon&bbq, and watching The Office with his family.  He’s authored 5 books, spoken to thousands of people, and loves the work of helping others unblock their best leadership.

A bit longer narrative of highlights and lowlights:

Once upon a time...there was a kid who loved to build forts, started a jewelry business in the ninth grade, and read a book about the illuminati the same year. Somewhere around 1992.

and every day...he wanted to hang out and have a good time until something changed his freshman year in college in 1995. He got crazy passionate about helping people to grow. Studied leadership, psychology, and theology rabidly to help others. Accumulated some degrees while doing everything from filling a role as clergy and then a college professor. Helped start a church. Looking back he realized most of his clergy work was leading overhauls of the organizations and construction/fundraising efforts for big relocation efforts. Best thing he ever started was a family. Married in 2000 and by 2005 was a dad of 3 daughters.   

along the way...He started teams and led people. He made stupid hiring and firing decisions as he went from the extremes of being a demanding leader and to the opposite end of being a push over. Sometimes he was too aggressive. Sometimes he was too acquiescent. He hadn't learned how to be kind and courageous.

until one day...Made a lot and lost a lot in real estate and a business venture. Like a lot. Everything that felt certain now felt like an illusion. Went from extra margin every month and never paying a bill late to not knowing how he could buy a box of Cheerios for his kids. An eviction notice, a heap of shame, and an existential crisis left him "scraping bottom".

and because of this...He realized a lot of the driving reason he wanted to help people grow and lead was because he wanted to feel good about himself. He realized he thought well of himself based on how he performed. So he went on a quest. Researching for years in multiple fields while earning a doctorate from a seminary helped him see the connection between ancient wisdom and the modern science of performance.

until finally...He learned to relax and feel good about himself in the highs and the lows...most of the time. 😉 This unblocked an ability to be aware, present, and emotionally attuned.

and ever since that day... He loves helping people grow in their awareness to lead at their best and be good humans.